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4-H Livestock Projects and Rabbit

Dairy Cattle

Sportsmanship Nomination Form



Animal Record Book Policy

  • Members must complete a record book for each project the member is enrolled in with a score of 70% or above.
  • Please be aware that some record books have a supplemental form that must also be submitted as well.
  • Record books for Consumer Science, General 4-H Projects/Exhibits and Shooting Sports projects will be turned in at the County Fair with the member’s exhibit.
  • Record books for Dog, Horse, Livestock and Small Animal projects are due to the Extension Office following county fair after first being graded at the club level (either by the club leader or project leader or any one designated by the club) and must receive a score of 70% in order to be considered complete.
  • Member’s with record books which score less than a 70% will be considered incomplete for that project and will not be allowed participate in the incomplete project the following year. Furthermore, the exhibitor will forfeit their premiums in that project area.
  • The official score sheet will be used when grading record books. Score sheets (rubrics) will be posted on the COUNTY 4-H website.
  • Graded Record Books are due to the Extension Office by September 4th.

Enrollment & Ownership Deadlines

Members must be enrolled in projects by the time ownership is required. Members must own animals and have them in their possession by the time of the corresponding projects tag-in or ID due date.

To sign-up for a 4-H project, each youth must join 4-H as a member in either a community club or an individual family club. For more information about enrolling as a member, please call the 4-H office at 303-730-1920 or visit our Enrollment Page.

Premise ID

All livestock and horse exhibitors who show at state fair must have a Premise ID # for Arapahoe County. The premise ID number must appear on State Fair nomination cards at time of tag-in. Apply online through Colorado Location Identification (LID) or call 1-877-842-0102 for more information. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing. Click here to find out more information.

Mandatory Meat Quality Assurance Education

MQA training is required for anyone new to 4-H which includes juniors (8-10) as well as first year intermediates age group (11-13) and first year seniors (14-18) if they are taking cattle, dairy, hogs, goats, sheep, rabbits, or poultry you must attend a meat quality assurance workshop. Regardless of whether it is a market project or a breeding project you must attend a Meat Quality Assurance workshop.

Pork Quality Assurance Certification

All 4-H members enrolled in the Swine project must follow the Youth Pork Quality Assurance Plus certification/re-certification process. Please look for details in your 4-H newsletters!