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4-H Club Program

4-H is a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community where youth and adults are empowered to grow into positive and productive citizens. 4-H is a trusted community partner that provides relevant, experiential learning for all youth.









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What is a 4-H club?

A 4-H club is a group of youth with similar interests who meet to learn a new skill in a 4-H project area and have fun. They can be neighbors, friends and even family members. The club determines when, where and how often they will meet and what projects they will work on.

“What is 4-H?” Booklet – NEW for 2018!

Who leads a 4-H club?

Each club has one or more adult volunteers who help to keep it all organized and guide hands-on learning activities for the youth. Club members also serve as youth officers and gain valuable leadership experience.

How can I get started in a 4-H club?

Youth ages 5-18 can join an existing club in Arapahoe County, or start a new club with a group of friends and a volunteer leader. New 4-H members may enroll in existing 4-H clubs between October 1 and April 15, although some clubs may have an earlier deadline. Visit our Enrollment Page to learn more about enrolling as a member.


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To Request more information call our 4-H team at 303-730-1920.