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Foothills to Plains Native Plant Master Program   arrow

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The Foothills to Plains Native Plant Master program offers different ways to engage and learn about native plants, local ecosystems, and natural resources with courses geared for novice to advanced learners.

Classes, Training and Certification

Classes and Training

If you are new to learning about native plants, consider signing up for a one-day class. Topics may include: introduction to native plants, botany and common plant families, keying practicums, soil chemistry and watershed health, weed walks, and build your own native plant and pollinator garden.

To develop a deeper understanding of native plants, we offer full 12-hour Native Plant Master (NPM) courses that may be counted towards the Native Plant Master Certificate.

Native Plant Master (NPM) courses are offered at various open spaces, state parks, and other public natural areas. Each NPM course is a 12-hour commitment made up of three, four-hour sessions that meet weekly. NPM courses are taught in the field using living examples of the native flora in Colorado. Each course offers a perspective on the local ecosystem and plant life. Topics for each course include:

  • Session 1: Plant identification with an emphasis on scientific names, families and use of a botanical key.
  • Session 2: Ecological relationships, including non-native plants.
  • Session 3: Landscape, food and other human uses.

Native Plant Master Certification

To become certified as a Native Plant Master, complete 36 hours of field training in three NPM courses. Classes may be taken in any county. A volunteer commitment is not required. If you are interested in teaching classes as an Native Plant Master Trainer, please contact the Arapahoe County Extension office at or call 303-730-1920.

NPM Class Enrollment

If you have questions, please email or call 303-730-1920.