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4-H Policies and Guidelines

Arapahoe County Extension 4-H Policies for Success

Colorado 4-H Youth Development Policies

Colorado 4-H Social Media Guidelines

Tips for Financial Accountability:

If your club has a bank account, here are some questions to ask to assess if the club’s financial accountability is in order:

  • Does your account have at least two signers from at least two different families?
  • Does your club have an annual budget approved by the members?
  • After a fundraising event, is the cash counted and reported by two individuals, not from the same family?
  • If reimbursements are made, are the receipts signed and recorded?
  • Are all checks for income made payable to the club account and not to any leader, member or other individual or firm?
  • Are all checks promptly endorsed “For Deposit Only” in the name of the club?
  • Does a committee of 4-H members and leaders conduct a review of the books each year?

What To Do When It Snows…

If it is after 4:30 p.m. and you are wondering if a County 4-H event is canceled because of inclement weather, please call the Extension Office at 303-730-1920 and listen to the recorded message. Clubs are urged to make a decision about what they will do in bad weather conditions and communicate that decision to the club members.

For more information on any of these guidelines or requirements, please call the
4-H office at 303-730-1920.