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4-H Achievement Awards

The 4-H Achievement Award Program will be held on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 6 p.m., at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds.

Leaders Achievement Awards Letter 2023

Project Achievement Medal Info and App

2023 Club Citizenship Participation Report – Fillable DUE – 9/1/23 to Jean!

Livestock and Horse Sportsmanship Award

Please see information on special awards for the 4-H Achievement Award Program.


  1. Club Secretary & Treasurer Books:

All 4-H club secretaries and treasurers are to submit their club Secretary and Treasurer books for judging.  Books will be judged on neatness, clarity, completeness of record book and correct form.  Keep in mind that our office is open Monday – Thursday from 8 – 4:30.

  1. Club Scrapbooks:

Scrapbooks include pictures or anything representative of your 4-H Club program.  They are judged on: neatness, creativity, and how well they tell the story of your 4-H club.  Scrapbooks may be cumulative, but should be separated by years and must be completed by members. Please list the 4-H members who worked on the scrapbook.  Keep in mind that our office is open Monday – Thursday from 8 – 4:30.

  1. Cloverbud Recognition:

Cloverbuds in attendance will be recognized by receiving a special prize and certificate at the Achievement Awards program.  Please email in names of those children who plan to attend so we can print their names on the certificates.  You can email their names to

  1. Make the Best Better Award – Fillable:

T-shirts are awarded at the Achievement Awards program to outstanding 4-H boys and girls in Arapahoe County. To be eligible, 4-H’ers must have completed two years in 4-H, be twelve by December 31, 2022 and not have received a major award (trip or Grand Champion Award) during this 4-H year.  Awards are based on club and county participation including completion of 4-H projects.  Leaders may recommend one or more members by completing the enclosed application.  If you recommend more than one, please rank your nominees.

  1. Danforth Award Application – Fillable (Outstanding 4-H Member of the Year):

Members who were 14 by December 31, 2022 may submit applications or be nominated by their leader for the Danforth Award, which is presented each year to two 4-H’ers in the county.  This must include a written letter of recommendation from an adult club leader.  Judging is based on leadership qualities, academic achievements, school or community involvement, general character and integrity.

  1. Learn by Doing Award Application – Fillable:

Members must have completed two years in 4-H (count this year and any Cloverbud Years, be 8-11 years old this year and not have received a major award (trip or Grand Champion Award) during this 4-H year.  Leaders may recommend one or more members, but are asked to rank them 1, 2, 3, etc.

Feel free to make additional copies of the application/nomination forms as needed.