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Arapahoe County 4-H Shooting Sports Project

Welcome to Arapahoe County Shooting Sports! Here you will find current information and updates about the program, as well as required resources to complete your project. The following disciplines are available:

Air Rifle
.22 Rifle
Black Powder
Air Pistol
Outdoor Skills

To sign-up for a 4-H project, each youth must join 4-H as a member in either a community club or an individual family club. For more information about enrolling as a member, please call the 4-H office at 303-730-1920 or visit our Enrollment Page.

Visit the Colorado State 4-H Shooting Sports website for more information on the program.

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Current Members

The following is required for your participation in the program:

4-H Shooting Sports Member Guide

E-Records and Manuals

Requirements for Practices and Events

  • Members will be required to have their shooting sports project e-record at all meetings they attend.
  • Members will be required to show that their e-record activity logs are current for their discipline(s) prior to shooting. If record books are not current, members will not be allowed to shoot that meeting. Each discipline leader will check this.
  • Members will need to buy their own eye, ear protection, arm guards and finger tabs even if they are using the club’s firearms/bows.
  • Members will also have an orange practice card they must bring to each meeting to get signed. It will be the members responsibility to ask their leader for a signature.
  • Shooting Sports members of clubs other than Elk Creek pay $25 dues annually.

Hunter Safety Classes

A Hunter Safety certificate is mandatory to participate in the Arapahoe County 4-H Shooting Sports program. For hunter safety classes and fees, call the Colorado Division of Wildlife at 303-291-7530


Arapahoe County 4-H Shooting Sports Club Community Rewards 






There are some exciting new changes coming to the program! We have moved to a new system of redeeming the shoppers rewards used on common grocery items we all buy every week at King Soopers and City Market. We will no longer have to remember to pre-load the cards before shopping and can receive the rewards by simply using your King Soopers or City Market Loyalty Card. This should make using the program easier for everybody as the loyalty card will link the community rewards automatically at the register.

We want to make sure everybody understands what to do, and how it works. Additionally, we want folks to know their balance on the pre-loaded cards are still usable but not re-loadable. Now’s the time to use them up and move over to the new system.

That process looks like this. Login to your King Soopers loyalty card account and go to the community rewards page. Once there, you need only to enter our special code (RY536) to link your King Soopers Loyalty Card to the 4H Arapahoe County Shooting Sports Program! Once connected you will start earning money for the Shooting Sports Program on your next purchase.

To link your existing account, or to open and link a new loyalty account, use these websites below.

REMEMBER, purchases will not count for your organization until after your participants register their loyalty card.
Participants must swipe their registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card or use the phone number that is related to their registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card when shopping for each purchase to count.

Thank you for your participation in the program. For help or to ask questions please reach out to Kevin Pflug:

Important Dates

February 2- Mandatory Safety Meeting (Extravaganza)
March 10- SS Workshop- Fairgrounds
March 16 – Friends of the NRA Banquet- Need volunteers to help run!
April 6- Mandatory Safety Training (if needed)

Hunting and Outdoor Skills:

Full schedule will be posted soon
Orientation meeting- January TBA
February 2-Fairgrounds after safety meeting
March 10- Fairgrounds

All Discipline Practices:

Sorber Ranch 2pm
April 28
May 4
May 19
June 1
June 9
June 23

Additional Shotgun Practices:

Sporting Clays – Kiowa Creek 12pm
Skeet- Golden Gun Club 12:30pm
April 6- Sporting Clays
April 28- Skeet
May 4- Sporting Clays
May 19- Skeet
June 1- Sporting Clays
June 9- Skeet

County Shoot:

June 29- Shotgun
June 30- Rifle, Pistol, Archery


Leader Training

If you are interested in becoming a shooting sports leader or junior leader (ages 14-18) trainings will be available in the spring. You must be an approved 4H volunteer prior to signing up and you will be required to attend all 3 days of the training. Disciplines offered will vary at each training so please let us know if you are interested!

Morgan County- March 8-10
Pueblo County- March 22-24
Garfield County- March 29-31
Boulder County April 5-7

Shooting Sports Committee

The Shooting Sports Committee meets the first Monday of the month, 6:30pm at the fairgrounds. Parents, youth and prospective volunteers are welcome to attend to see how you can get involved in helping with this county program!