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Arapahoe County 4-H Clubs

Antelope Crossing 4-H Club- Ages 5-18
Location: Bennett
Leader: Audra Moyer – 303-644-3226, Jeff Moyer – 303-653-6737, Roxie Brockelman – 303-622-6849, Rod Brockelman, Tracy Griffin, James Griffin
This club offers a variety of projects such as Horse, Sheep, Swine, Beef, Clothing, Photography, Cake Decorating, Model Rocketry, Expressive Arts, and Shooting Sports.

Bit of Class 4-H Club- Ages 8-18
Location: Littleton
Leaders: Sue Sarasin – 303-781-2089
This club focuses on the Horse Project, Horseless Horse, and Vet Science. Emphasizes community service projects, horse care, and English, Western and Gymkhana riding. Members must have access to their own horse. Horse enrollment deadline is April 1.

Champion Drive 4-H Club- Ages 8-18
Location: Strasburg
Leaders: Mary O’Malley – 720-505-0187
This club offers Livestock and Horse Projects. Beef project deadline: March 1st, other Livestock Project deadlines, April 1.

Cove Circle Creations 4-H Club- Ages 8-18
Location: Centennial
Leaders: Carolyn Rudy – 303-773-3969

This club focuses on Clothing and Heritage Arts.

Elk Creek 4-H Club- Ages 5-18
Location: Aurora
Leaders: Katy Vincent – 303-913-7314
This club offers livestock, horse, Shooting Sports, and variety of General projects.

Highline Foxes 4-H Club- Ages 5-7
Location: Littleton
Leaders: Shelagh Switzer – 303-807-0251

This club focuses on Cloverbuds

Littleton Clovers 4-H Club- Ages 5-18
Location: Littleton
Leaders: Jessica Compton – 303-587-2277

This club focuses on a variety of general projects and works with Cloverbuds.

Lucky Clovers 4-H Club- Ages 5-18
Location: Aurora
Leader: Charlotte Loseke – 310-292-4447
This club offers a variety of different projects.

Quint Valley 4-H Club- Ages 8-18
Location: Byers
Leader: Russell Morris – 303-822-5651
This club offers livestock projects. Livestock enrollment deadline is April 1.

Smoky Hill 4-H Club- Ages 5-18
Location: Aurora/Centennial
Leaders: Deanna Ames – 720-688-9020
This club offers a variety of projects such as Clothing, Cooking, Cake Decorating, Decorate your Duds, Photography, Vet Science, Entomology, Woodworking, Cloverbuds and many more.