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Getting Enrolled

Getting Enrolled in 4-H is easy with 4HOnline! For text instructions, read the information below. If you would prefer images, please use the Family Guide:


Enrolling New Members and Volunteers

  • Log in to 4HOnline
  • Select “Add a new Family Member” drop down menu.  Choose either Adult or Youth as appropriate.  Then click “Add Member.”
  • Continue reading the “Adding/Updating Member or Volunteer Information section below.”

Re-activating Previously Enrolled Members and Volunteers

  1. Log in to 4HOnline
  2. Select “Edit” next to the youth or adult’s name you would like to re-enroll.
  3. Scroll down past their information and select “Enroll for 20XX-20XX year” (you will have the opportunity to update this information in the next section.)
  4. Continue reading the “Adding/Updating Member or Volunteer Information section below.”

Adding/Updating Member or Volunteer Information

Once you have re-activated or added a member or volunteer, you will need to add or update their information.  Follow the steps below to do so.  If you are re-enrolling a volunteer (adult),  follow the steps below for youth, except know that the following screens will look a little different as they only ask for volunteer-type information.

  1. Edit the youth’s Personal Information:
    1. Change the email address to the youth’s email, especially if the youth is a senior 4-H member.  This will ensure the youth also receives our newsletter and updates.  You may leave it as the parent’s email if you wish.
    2. Primary phone is the phone number you would like us to call when we have questions or need to contact the parent.
    3. Cell phone is the youth’s cell phone number (This is optional, but very helpful to leaders and staff, especially for older 4-H members.)
    4. The Years in 4-H should automatically update, but if you find they are incorrect, please edit them.
    5. Edit/enter parent’s information – double check to be sure it is correct.
    6. If there is a second household, fill that out as well, or just skip it.
    7. Provide us with the contact information of an adult we can contact if we are unable to reach the parents in an emergency.
    8. Be sure to fill out ethnicity, military service, school and grade information.
    9. Click “Continue”
  2. Sign the appropriate documents on the Additional Information tab:
    1. Animal Care and Housing Form – This is only for members who are enrolling in one or more animal projects. If your animals will not be housed at your home, you will need to submit a paper copy with more details. Paper copies of all Animal Paperwork can be found in the 4HOnline Toolbox above under “Animal Paperwork.”
    2. Medical Care Authorization – This must be signed by a parent. Sign by checking the box and typing your name.
    3. Permission for Youth to Participate – This must be signed by the youth and by the parent. Sign by checking the box and typing your name.
    4. Denial of Permission to Use Photo – Parents should sign this ONLY if you DO NOT want your child’s photograph to be used for promotional purposes.
    5. Code of Conduct – This must be signed by the youth and by the parent. Sign by checking the box and typing your name.
  3. You may choose to provide or not to provide health information on the Health Form tab. This information is only required for members who will be attending overnight camps and conferences. You can always come back and add it in later.
  4. Update the youth’s club and project information:
    1. Your club may already be selected. If not, select only one club and click “Add Club.” Then click “Continue.”
    2. Your projects may already be selected. If not, select as many projects as you would like, remove any projects you don’t want to do, then click “Continue.”  You must select at least one project to enroll in 4-H.
    3. Ignore the “Groups” Tab. Click “Continue.”
  5. Submit your enrollment. Your enrollment will be pending until your fees are received and you are approved by both your Club Leader and the Extension Office.
  6. If you are doing an animal project, please use the “Animal Paperwork” link in the 4HOnline Toolbox above to print out and sign the required paperwork (Animal Care and Housing, Code of Showring Ethics, Meat Act Agreement.) Give this paperwork to your Club Leader who will give it to the Extension Office.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.