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CSU Extension of Arapahoe County Embryology

Meet the Chicks | More about raising chickens | Embryology in the classroom

Hatch Cam from May 2020

Virtual Embryology Lessons

Session 1 – Intro to Embryology


Session 2 – Candling Eggs


Session 3 – Brooder and Hatching Process


Embryology Frequently Asked Questions


Learn more about our 4-H Poultry Project! 

Meet the Chicks

Buff Orpington
Heavy, dual purpose breed, and an excellent egg layer. Known to lay well in winter months too.

Barred Rock
Dual purpose, broody chickens that will make good mothers and don’t mind the cold. They lay large, brown eggs.

Medium sized chickens with colorful feather patterns. Primarily used for eggs which are large and blue/green in color.

Dual purpose chickens. Make great layers. Lay dark brown eggs. 

Rhode Island Red
Known for being the best egg layer as a dual purpose breed. They lay large, brown eggs.

More about raising chickens

Backyard Chickens – The Basics

Webinar on Considerations for Raising Chickens

Backyard Chicken Resources 

Home Produced Chicken Eggs

Small Scale Poultry

Small and Backyard Flocks

Backyard Chicken Coop Design

Embryology in the Classroom

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Embryology Programming Options


Keeping ahead of COVID-19

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