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4-H Foundation Matching Grant

The Arapahoe County 4-H Foundation knows how hard it is to raise money. We support the hard work of our Arapahoe County 4-H clubs by matching money raised up to $500 per club. There are a limited amount of funds available per 4-H year (October 1 to September 30). Applications are reviewed on a first-apply, first-served basis.

Growin’ Greens Matching Grant Guidelines:

1. The money from the fundraiser (and the matching funds) must go to support a 4-H sponsored project at the club or county level. It cannot be used for individuals.

2. All projects, activities or member trips supported by these funds must be related to 4-H and should support 4 H group projects, educational activities, community service projects or social events which involve 4-H members.

3. The club is responsible for raising “new” money (i.e., it cannot be money that comes from a club’s savings account). Whatever money is raised by the club will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $500 per Arapahoe County 4-H Club per year.

4. Money received from the Arapahoe County Wreath Sales activities is not eligible for this program.

5. Action Plans for the fundraising activity must be submitted by May 1st of the 4-H year in which money will be raised and used.

6. The money raised and matched must be used within the 4-H year of the application. If the club does not complete the project as planned (see below), the money must be returned to the Arapahoe County 4-H Foundation. The money will be provided to the club after the Action Plan goals have been completed.

7. The Action Plan must be signed by a Club Leader.

8. An Arapahoe County 4-H Foundation trustee will be assigned as a mentor to each club to assist in the Action Plan completion process.

Pre-Activity Action Plan:
Submit an Action Plan for the fundraising activity that contains the following:

  • Club name
  • Reason for applying
  • Proposed project/activity plan
  • Number of members involved/members in club
  • Date money required/timeline: the club will set the timeline to raise the money AND to use the money
  • Amount of money proposed to be raised
  • Leader’s name and contact information
  • If club has identified a 4-H member to lead the fundraising activity, include that member’s name and contact information
  • Leader’s support, by signature on Action Plan

Post Activity Summary Report:
Submit a short but detailed summary report, to include:

  • A report of completed activity and goals;
  • Amount of project money raised;
  • Anticipated project expense; and
  • Photos.

Money will be provided to the club after the post-activity summary report has been reviewed and goals have been achieved. Contact the Arapahoe County 4-H Foundation at 303-795-5144 for an Action Plan form or to ask questions.