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4-H Foundation Scholarship Recipients   arrow

4-H Foundation Scholarship Recipients

2016Brianna Osborn, Joseph Yousling, Emily Gray, Lydia Van Kirk
2015Kayla Woodward, Hannah Urtz, Chloe Lind, Emily Connaughton
2014Garrett Brockelman, Brooke Hanlon, Jessica Hei
2013 – Anna Groeling, Ann Moorman, Drew Wolf, Jonah Baskin, Katharine Wilson
2012 – Kinsey Morley, Grant Caswell, Nicole Groves, Abigail Hanouw, Kira Kalkus
– Nichole Justice, Kody Hale, Blair Lonneke
2010 – Aspen Petersen
2009 – Christina Williams, Ashley Hale, Brittney Pelton
2008 – Rebecca Gaffney, Stephen Glancy, Lindsey McCormick, Kelly Wentz
2007 –Wendy Kalkus, Batya Kleen
2006 – Sarah Fincher, Clayton Lindsay, Kelsey Rea, Jessica Reigle
2005 – Sara Glancy, Michael Kleen, Whitney Timmons, Madelyn Wiley
2004 – Justin Cretti, Clinton McDonald, Meagan Shanteau, JulieMarie Shepherd
2003 – Tiffany Amundson, Amanda George, Stephen Linnebur, Tyrel Norgren
2002 – Kelsey Lindsay, Cary Roth, Laureen Timmons, Bethany Weeks
2001 – Tammy Nyland
2000 – Bethany Fansler, Kimberly Lauderdale, Lanay Linnebur, Haley Timmons
1999 – Erin Gibbs, Erin Gottenborg
1998 – Katie Allen, Kady Dodds, Amy Hesse, Heather Nyland
1997 – Megen Gilman, Ella Snurka, Jennie Wailes
1996 – Katrina Brown, Michael Foley, Veronica Mabry, Tammy Wolf
1995 – Susan Anderson, Andrea Buglovsky, Kalley Dodds, Tom Kresl, Sarah Scarlett
1994 – Erin Hasenbalg, Scott Munger, Andrea Wolf
1993 – Allison Brandsma, James Dickens, Mary Foley, Aron Ralston
1992 – Theresa Allen, Derrel Gilbert, Heather Ihrke, Dean Prud’homme
1991 – Bobbi Demoney, Robin Loeffler, Laura Schick
1990 – Celeste Bertram, Lisa Castle, Brad Moos, Mike Strouse
1989 – Caryn Baham, Tanya Carlson, Renea Ihrke
1988 – Patrick Kresl, Terese Newell, Dale Williams
1987 – Wendy Shirley
1986 – Theresa Kollath, Cindy Newell, Jill Peterson, Nancy Strouse

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.