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Who Is My Legislator?

With 2020 coming to a close, we can look forward to a new year – and the upcoming 2021 legislative session. Many recently passed bills are in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and legislators have been hard at work on behalf of Coloradans.

The First Regular Session of the Seventy-third General Assembly will convene on January 13, 2021. The Colorado General Assembly has 100 State Legislators; 35 Senators and 65 Representatives. Find out who your legislator is here.

The legislative session begins in January and lasts 120 days. During the session, bills will be introduced – a bill generally either creates new law, amends existing law, or repeals existing law. Learn how a bill becomes a law.

The Colorado Constitution places the power to make laws with the state legislature, the Colorado General Assembly. Part of this process allows public testimony, citizens of Colorado can give a three-minute testimony in favor of or in opposition to a bill. Truly, democracy in action!

Learn more about how you can become a part of civic conversations by participating in The Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI). FLTI teaches participants about democracy and how to engage in the civic process for the benefit of their family, community, and on behalf of others.

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