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Pulse: Colorado Health Foundation Poll Results 2020

Throughout 2020, Hispanic and Latino/x people across the country continue to be hit hard by COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, as well as skyrocketing job losses and unemployment. As the consequences of 2020 have not fallen on Coloradans equally, The Colorado Health Foundation looked closely at what Hispanic/Latinx Coloradans reported about how this year has impacted them using data from Pulse: The Colorado Health Foundation Poll.

Results uncovered the following:

  • A significant number of Latinx Coloradans are experiencing financial insecurity.
  • Latinos across Colorado want the state to take action to confront the complex aspects of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Latinx Coloradans are more likely to have had negative experiences with law enforcement.

Learn more about Coloradans perspectives on a range of important health issues, from affordable housing, hunger, racial justice, and mental health. The results from the Colorado Health Foundation’s annual poll are available in full here.

From The Colorado Health Foundation.

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