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I Didn’t Know That!

By Lucinda Greene, Colorado Master Gardener

Lawn Woes?

Photo: Lucinda Greene

Does that brown patch defy all your attempts at correction? Green with envy about your neighbor’s picture-perfect lawn? We get it. Lawns have been an integral part of the landscape for hundreds of years. In Colorado, small practical turf areas still make sense for use by kids, families and pets. Properly managed, small lawns can be an appropriate component of an overall water-wise landscape plan. They can be beautiful, even with less water. The key is to understand how to manage turf appropriately. Did you know that most lawn problems are caused by poor management practices? Over- or under-watering, over- or under-fertilizing, lack of bi-yearly aeration, and if needed, attention to winter watering all make a difference in a lawn’s resilience to specific pests and disease.

Click here to see Dr. Tony Koski’s recent blogpost about lawn diseases and how to correct them. Dr. Koski is the Extension turf specialist. Follow this link to a CSU Fact Sheet for best practices on annual lawn care.

Need additional help? Contact the Arapahoe County Extension office at 303-730-1920 to schedule a lawn/landscape check with an Extension professional. They are there to help you be smart about managing your lawn.

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