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Volunteer Spotlight – Norma Adair

Colorado Master Gardener℠ (CMG) volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about sharing gardening, landscape and horticulture education. This month we are highlighting Norma Adair.

When did you join the Master Gardener program and why did you join?

I joined in 2009. I have always been passionate about gardening and wanted to learn more about all facets of gardening

What is your favorite Master Gardener activity and why?

I volunteer at Cherry Creek High School with the Plant Club, which is an after-school sponsored club consisting of high school students. It is amazing to see how interested and knowledgeable these high school kids are.

What is your favorite part of the Master Gardener program and why?

I love talking with the public, whether it be at a garden center, answering calls, or helping neighbors who have gardening questions.

What would you want someone to know about the Master Gardener program that may not be commonly known?

We do diagnostics to identify plants, trees, diseases and insects.

How has being a Master Gardener helped you personally and in what way?

I am a real estate agent full time and have found my skills have helped to sell homes that have overgrown landscaping that needs to be cut back and updated so the home can be seen from the exterior.

What is the most important concept or idea you learned that you didn’t know before becoming a Master Gardener?

Everything in gardening is trial and error. If you don’t like something, start over and plant something new or different.

Any other thoughts to share with the public?

In my own garden, I have mostly perennials that come back every year. I use pots within the garden beds and plant annuals to give more color throughout the season. Gardening for a few minutes or hours is the best thing one can do to relax and take stress away.

One Response on “Volunteer Spotlight – Norma Adair

  1. Becky says:

    Thanks so much for all your volunteer efforts Norma!!!

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