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Garden Resolutions

By Lucinda Greene, Colorado Master Gardener


Thinking about becoming a better gardener in 2022? Adopt one or more of these New Year’s gardening resolutions. Your plants and the environment will be happier for these efforts.

  1. Order seed from free catalogs. Here are four of our favorite seed purveyors: Baker Creek, Gurney’s, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and Burpee. Or better yet, save the paper and order online.
  2. Commit to winter watering. Reserve and schedule one day a month on your calendar for this important task. Click on the link to this fact sheet to learn how to keep your trees and shrubs hydrated all year long.
  3. Learn to use your irrigation clock to water your landscape plants efficiently. Don’t set it and forget it.
  4. Have troublesome garden areas? Order a soils test to determine any nutrient deficiencies.
  5. Donate excess vegetable produce to those in need. Learn how easy it is to share your harvest with others through the Grow and Give program.
  6. Manage invasive weeds with appropriate controls. This fact sheet offers good options.
  7. Learn how to attract pollinators to your garden by selecting appropriate plants and providing habitat.
  8. Planting a new tree or shrub? Select plants appropriate to the region and plant according to mature size.
  9. Enjoy water-saving and weed management benefits by adding mulch to the landscape.
  10. Attend a garden class. Want to learn more about tree planting? Or growing and using garden herbs? Check out the list of free classes available from CSU Extension professionals.

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