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Volunteer Spotlight – Fred Freeh

Colorado Master Gardener℠ (CMG) volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about sharing gardening, landscape and horticulture education. This month we are highlighting Fred Freeh.

When did you join the Colorado Master Gardener program and why did you join?

I have had an interest in Master Gardening for many years. I inherited my horticultural interest from my mother who had beautiful English gardens at our house in Ohio. She also had books on gardening. I applied to the program in 2019 after encouragement from a Denver Master Gardener on the golf course. I was initially interested in becoming a Certified Colorado Gardener, but ultimately chose to become a Master Gardener volunteer because I wanted to learn about the various aspects of horticulture and to share this training with others. It’s a give back program, and that is why I became a mentor this year.

What is your favorite activity and why?

I have signed up and enjoyed a variety of activities related to the Master Gardener program. They each have their own rewards. If I were to pick a favorite, I would say it would be the demonstration gardens. There we can interact with and learn from other Master Gardeners, answer questions, and grow vegetables for various food banks. A close second are the diagnostic classes which challenge us with questions using the diagnostic process to answer while improving our skills.

What is your favorite part of the program and why?

There are a couple of favorite parts to the CMG program that I particularly enjoy. One is the camaraderie with my fellow Master Gardeners who have always been so friendly and helpful to me. They are a great bunch of people to work with and learn from. Secondly, I enjoy helping others. The reward of answering clients’ questions has a feel-good aspect to it. Every now and then I am stumped, but I guess everyone is.

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