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What’s New in 2021? We’re Baaaaaack!

By Lucinda Greene, Horticulture Programs Coordinator and Assistant Horticulturist

Photo: Lucinda Greene

Like many of you, the Master Gardener volunteers really missed the opportunity to connect with you in a face-to-face manner last year. The good news is that we’re BACK in 2021! Look for us at our demonstration gardens all season long, at garden centers in May and June, and at the Arapahoe County Fair in July. We also provide public classes at Hudson Gardens, and other local Open Spaces properties in Arapahoe County. Your local HOA or garden club can request a Master Gardener volunteer speaker. Check out the sidebar to find specific dates and locations in the community where you can connect with a trained volunteer and get answers to your landscape questions on turf, trees, vegetables, and invasive landscape pests like the Emerald Ash Borer and Japanese beetle. All volunteers will engage with you safely, wearing masks and adhering to appropriate social distancing.

Photo: Lucinda Greene

In 2021, we have added new ways to increase our engagement in the community. We have added two new demonstration gardens. Find us on Thursday and Saturday mornings at the Plains Conservation Center in Aurora, where we help maintain and cultivate heirloom vegetables appropriate to the late 1800’s. You can also find us on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings at the community garden at Clayton Elementary School. This garden is located at the corner of Tufts and Delaware in Englewood. At this location we will be partnering with students and school staff to learn, grow and share produce. At the Arapahoe County Fair, our Public Competition events will provide citizens the opportunity to show off their best produce and flowers and to learn from our experienced judges. Click on the link to find how and when to enter your exhibits. New this year at the Fair, Master Gardener volunteers will create an indoor demonstration garden with information and tips on how to build a pollinator-friendly and water-wise garden at your home.

The Master Gardener volunteers in Arapahoe County look forward to helping you be successful gardeners in 2021. In addition to these community outreach events, you can always call us at 303-730-1920, or reach us via email at with your gardening questions.

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