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Volunteer Spotlight: Ron Hogan

Colorado Master Gardener℠ (CMG) volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about sharing gardening, landscape and horticulture education. This month we are highlighting Ron Hogan.

When did you join the Colorado Master Gardener program and why did you join?

I saw the information on our neighborhood blog and thought it would be interesting. I was right. I’ve been in the program since 2019.

What is your favorite CMG activity and why?

I love serving at the Colorado Center for the Blind. The students there are so interested and interesting. Every week the garden changes and our harvests are very good. Even when we have to deal with Japanese beetles, we have a good time and make a difference for the CCB students!

What is your favorite part of the CMG program and why?

I really like the diversity of programs we can and do offer. From diagnostics to speaker’s bureau to demonstration gardens, our work is research and science based, which leads to some very solid conversations about plants and landscapes. The education we engage in really contributes to the environment in Arapahoe County and helps groups and individuals find success in their gardening endeavors.

How has being a Master Gardener helped you personally and in what way?

I have been a science teacher for 38 years, and a school administrator, but taught physics, and did not dabble much in botany or gardening. This has been a major learning curve for me, and I thank the CMG staff, my colleagues and my garden center for their expertise and patience bringing me along for this ride! Every day brings a new and improved learning, and the knowledge gained is really rejuvenating in many ways. Even my own garden looks a bit better. There is so much to know and discover about Colorado gardening.

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