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Timely Garden Tips

By Judy Kunz, Colorado Master Gardener

  • Discourage unwelcome critters like squirrels and rabbits from digging in bulb and perennial beds by laying down chicken wire followed by a light covering of evergreen boughs.
  • Organic matter is lacking in many soils along the Front Range. Fallen leaves are like gold, adding organic matter and feeding microorganisms that make for healthy soil. Save your back from the task of raking and mow the leaves into the lawn so they work their way into the soil profile. To speed up decomposition, make several passes with the lawnmower, chopping them up so they don’t smother the lawn and create mold issues. Mother Nature will do the rest.
  • Don’t guess…get a soil test. Avoid the springtime rush and get a test early. Information from a soil test will aid in planning a new lawn, rejuvenating an older lawn, or planning a flower or vegetable garden next spring. Results will help determine if any amendments are needed.
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  • There was a high demand for seeds last season and many companies sold out of popular seed varieties. New catalogs for next spring are coming out now. Check online and order early for the best selection.

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