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The Strategic Reopening Collaborative and the Reconnected Learning Hub

To support districts and schools to address the serious disparities in the reopening of our education system and the crisis-level disruption of traditional learning systems, CEI is unveiling two new resources: the Strategic Reopening Collaborative and the Reconnected Learning Hub.

The Strategic Reopening Collaborative is launching with insight into how ten school districts partnered with CEI to develop an actionable and timely set of goals and strategies for re-entering school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The work conducted by this collaboration has been gathered into a toolkit that includes examples of how districts are bringing this framework to life through strategies to support educators, families, and students. The examples from each district are initial prototypes that are currently being built into comprehensive re-entry plans for Fall 2020.

The Reconnected Learning Hub is an expansion of the existing Healthy Schools Hub website. Both are housed in a new environment that is located at Visit The Hub to find the knowledge, best practices, and favorite tools of Colorado educators; browse a resource library created by organizations that support those closest to the work, including teachers and specialized school staff members. View this one-pager to learn more about tapping into the collective knowledge that is relevant to your community.

CEI believes that relationships, equity, and connection must be guiding principles as we address the trauma, challenges, and opportunities of COVID-19. Learn more about the Strategic Reopening Collaborative work and the launch of the Reconnected Learning Hub.

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