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Appreciation & Acknowledgement – Volunteers and Donors

Photo: Lisa Mason

We wish to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following donors:

  • Alameda Wholesale Nursery, Inc.
  • Colorado Garden Foundation
  • Keesen Landscape Management, Inc.
  • Pioneer Landscape Center
  • Tagawa Gardens
  • O’Toole’s Garden Center
  • Wilmore Nursery

Thanks to the following Colorado Master Gardener Volunteers in Arapahoe County for their contributions: Evelyn Alton, Dawn Barnes, Ruth Blayney, Barbara Bolen, Sandy Brock, Nancy Brown, Judy Cale, Jeff Cole, Cathe Cook, Lynn Couch, Courtney Cowgill, Kathleen DeVries, Donna Farley-Wade, Ilona Francis, Peter Gammie, Debbie Getzel, Dala Giffin, Lucinda Greene, Matt Huebschmann, Gloria Huegel, Tom Johnson, Martha Kirk, Megan Knight, Deena Lawrence, Colleen Lindstone, Karlyn McCrumb, Shelley Miller, Allie Molinda, Debbie Moody, Toni Oakes, Betsy Overton, Muriel Parker, Ken Paul, Janet Paul, Steve Pontesso, Miki Stellick-Powell, Pam Rosendal, Valerie Seale, Toni Smythe, Sally Swartz, Paula Szilard and Donnetta Wilhelm.

And thanks to the local departments in Arapahoe County who provided crucial guidance and support for the Lima Plaza Pollinator Garden: Facilities and Fleet Management and the Planning Department of Public Works and Development.

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