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Speaker’s Bureau

By Martha Kirk, Colorado Master Gardener

Have you ever wondered how and when to prune your maple tree, how to combat Japanese beetles, what vegetable varieties do best in Colorado, or how to attract pollinators to your garden? These represent a small sampling of the diverse number of gardening and landscape topics that Arapahoe County Colorado Master Gardener (CMG) volunteers can present to organizations.

CMG Ron Hogan relies on his background as an educator, science teacher and school curriculum expert to help CMGs train for their presentations. Photo credit: Ron Hogan

CMGs present to groups such as garden clubs, HOAs, neighborhood groups, Rotary Clubs, elementary and middle school classes, County Fair attendees, and more. Local garden centers and corporations also draw on the knowledge of CMGs to teach basic gardening classes.

Thanks to CMG Ron Hogan, our current educator for the CMG Speaker’s Bureau, CMGs are trained and excellent presenters and are prepared to answer questions and discuss the finer points of gardening that relate specifically to your situation – perhaps with a bit of garden humor and audience participation, but always with interesting and informative content. CMGs draw from fact-based information from many resources including reference materials available at the Arapahoe County CSU Extension Office. They can deliver presentations in many formats such as PowerPoint presentations, hands-on demonstrations or interactive activities.

Perhaps your group needs a bit of inspiration in the doldrums of winter. Or maybe you want to learn more about low maintenance gardening. CMG Speakers are knowledgeable, personable and entertaining, and enjoy speaking to groups who are interested in all things gardening. To request a presentation and topic, click the link below!

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