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FLTI of Summit County Facilitator to Release Children’s Book

Claudine Norden, FLTI of Colorado trainer and Phase I facilitator at FLTI of Summit County, says she is an “outie” mom raising an “innie” child – and she’s not talking belly buttons. Claudine explains that as an extroverted person, she uses social energy and was “stretched beyond her comfort zone” when she considered how she parents her daughter Maddie, who as an introvert conserves social energy. She learned more about the differences between what “fills up” extroverted (outies) and introverted (innies) people, and discovered that there were no children’s books that empowered quiet children to be themselves in our noisy world. And just like that, a new community project was born. Claudine was inspired to write a children’s book to empower and advocate for quiet kids!

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