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CSU Extension- Arapahoe County offers one-hour programs on nutrition, health, food preservation, and financial management topics that can be scheduled for your meeting or event. Following is a list of just a few topics.

To request a presentation or learn what other classes can be offered to groups of 8 or more, please contact Sheila Gains at 303-730-1920 or by email  There is a per-person fee of $3 to cover the cost of class materials, which can be paid by cash or check payable to Arapahoe County Extension at the time of the class.

Nutrition & Health Presentations

Exploring Gut Health: Bacteria in your gut helps influence how well you digest food and impacts your immune system. Learn what you can do to improve the beneficial bacteria balance in your gut.

Eat Smart Live Strong:  Encourages able bodied independent adults (60-74 years of age) to learn new skills and change behaviors that improve healthy eating and physical activity.

Getting Older, Eating Better: A more in-depth look at nutrition information for seniors on nutrients and diet needed to support healthy aging.

Gluten-Free Eating and Living: Reading labels, cooking and eating-out strategies to accommodate gluten intolerance.

Lowering Blood Pressure with the DASH Diet: Lowering sodium and increasing calcium and potassium intake from foods for improved blood pressure control.

The Mediterranean Diet:  Learn more about this eating plan and healthy lifestyle the whole family can benefit from and enjoy.

Modifying Recipes to Promote Health: Learn how to change your favorite recipes to make them more nutritional.

New Research on Protein:  How much do you need and when during the day should it be eaten for best health outcomes.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference: Preventing diabetes through small changes to diet and exercise.

The Science and Art of High-Altitude Cooking: Adjusting recipes for success at Colorado’s high altitude, primarily focusing on baked goods with tips for candy making and canning.

Food Preservation & Food Safety Workshops

Food preservation 101: Includes a general overview and instructions for drying, freezing and home canning.

Hot Water Bath Canning: Reviews the foods that can safely be hot water bath canned, high altitude adjustments needed, a demonstration of the procedure and extensive directions for projects to try at home.

Pressure Canning: Reviews foods that can safely be pressure canned, high altitude adjustments needed, a demonstration of the procedure and directions for projects to try at home.

Fermentation: Reviews the principles and health benefits of fermenting foods.  Presentation includes tasting and directions for fermenting Kim Chi, ginger ale and yogurt.  Participants will cut, salt and pack a jar of cabbage/Sauer Kraut to take home.

Preserving Tomatoes: Includes directions for canning, freezing and drying your crop of summer tomatoes.

Jams, Jellies and Preserves: Presentation and demonstration of jam making in Colorado altitudes, including how to use the hot water bath canner to insure the highest quality product. Optional jar of jam made in class to take home.

Colorado Cottage Food Safety Certification:  Covers specifics of the Colorado Cottage Food Act and how to safely operate a food business from a home kitchen.  After successful completion of the training and food safety test, participants will receive a Colorado Cottage Food Safety certificate, good for three years.

Basic Food Safety for the consumer:  Have you ever wondered if the foods you’re about to eat at the office potluck will make your sick?  Or, if the Thanksgiving leftovers still be safe to eat the next Monday?  In this class you will learn important food safety guidelines to follow when at home, work and while traveling.

Family Financial Management Presentations

Small Steps to Health and Wealth:  What if you could improve your health and wealth at the same time this year?  Discover links between your health and wealth habits and learn simple ways to make small changes that can make a positive difference in both.

Smart Choice Health Insurance:  Learn how to analyze your health care needs, compare insurance plans and make a smart choice based on what you can afford.

Stretching your pay check: Learn to critically look at how you spend money and prioritize your needs and wants.  Learn to take a few important steps to control spending.

Talking About Money: Learn why it is difficult yet important to talk about money to your spouse/partner, children and parents.  Make a plan to start these important conversations soon.