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Littleton Pea Patch Demonstration Garden   arrow

The Littleton Pea Patch has been a community garden for more than 30 years.  It is located just east of downtown Littleton between the Rose Memorial Garden and Colorado Center for the Blind. 

~YouTube video produced by the City of Littleton that highlights Arapahoe County Master Gardeners and their work.
  • Address: 2171 W Shepperd Avenue, Littleton, CO
  • Master Gardener Hours:
  • Contact us: Email or call 303-730-1920
  • This garden is not open to the public. For more information on how to rent a garden plot, visit the City of Littleton website.

A big THANK YOU to our fellow Pea Patch gardeners! With your help, we
donated over 3100 pounds — that’s more than a ton and a half — of fresh
produce to our partner food banks in 2022. That makes Pea Patch Garden the
second largest Grow & Give site in the state! Let’s keep the momentum going
for 2023. Check back throughout the growing season for updates on donation

If you missed our class on growing
tomatoes, the CSU Extension website
has everything you need to know to grow
those delicious tomatoes we all crave.
From tips on planting and fertilizing to
recognizing problems, we have you
covered. There’s even a video showing
the best way to plant them.

Check out the Grow & Give A-Z Growing Guide for
answers to your vegetable gardening questions.

The Arapahoe County Master Gardener program has had a donation garden at 2, 20×20 plots within the City of Littleton Community Gardens since 2011.  Our mission began and has remained to grow and donate fresh pesticide free produce to support our local community foodbanks.  We partner with our fellow Pea Patch gardeners and in 2021 we were able to donate a record 3020 pounds!  We were the biggest donator to “Grow and Give” in the state!

Donation pick ups on Tuesdays and Thursdays by 9:00 AM and Sundays by 1:00 PM.

Flea beetles feeding on leaf. Photo: CSU

What’s Bugging Your

Noticing “shothole” damage to
leaves in your garden? Are there
tiny leaping insects? If so, you’re
likely seeing flea beetles. Adult
flea beetles feed on leaves
making small holes resembling
damage from fine buckshot.
Young plants and seedlings are
most susceptible to flea beetle
damage. Serious infestations can
kill plants. This fact sheet has
great information on flea beetles
and guidance on how to control

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