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FLTI Week 17

“Learn the system, ask for help, break the rules. In that order.” -Amy Chiou, founder of Ballot

Dear Leaders,

Last session we reviewed laws that impact our children and families each day – if you are interested in further exploring the bills we reviewed last night, see the list below. We all have access to the bills being proposed on the Colorado legislature website. I have also attached our activity from last session to help you in reviewing bills in the future.

In session 17, we will review budgets. This can be a bit daunting but budgets can impact our children and families the MOST of all policies. We will explore the various budgets that impact us from large budgets at the federal level to “small” budgets at the school level. Remember, we are not people that do not ‘get’ to be in positions of power, we are people with opportunities to be in positions of power! These positions can look like running for Senator or serving on a board or joining a District Accountability Committee, and for all of us, being the best Family Leader we can be.

As always, the FLTI staff are here for you! We want to assist you with your project and your leadership questions, but you also must reach out to us. Four weeks to go!


In Session 17, we will discuss Budgets: From Wallets to States in the adult room and Priorities and Budgets in the youth room.

Adult objectives:

  • Recognize budgets as public policy that influences children and families.
  • Learn about unique budget-related policies in Colorado that have significant impact on how children and families are supported, i.e. TABOR, Gallagher Amendment, Amendment 23.
  • Review, read, and interpret a government budget and gained confidence in how to access and speak to the policy issues effecting dollars for children.

Youth objectives:

  • Experience the complexity of matching priorities to budgets.
  • Review a governmental budget and determine what priorities it represents.
  • Learn what community resources may be available to help Civic Projects.

Important Information:

  • Alumni will be providing our dinner next week and will offer a mini-panel on their FLTI and Civic Project experience. This is your opportunity to network so please be on time!


  • Final Project Reports DUE APRIL 30. The final report must be submitted to graduate.
  • Please submit a three sentence description about your project HERE or in an email to Taylor before April 30. You will not be included in the 2019 State Civic Project Report if we do not have your description.
  • I will be taking pictures of each of you on April 30. Please wear semi-professional clothing -– covered shoulders, no graphic t-shirts.


“The art of listening is perhaps the greatest tool as we enter into seasons that have less free time and require more intention for relationship building.” -Kara Elise