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FLTI Week 12   arrow

FLTI Week 12

“May all children have the freedom to safely be children.”
-Cleo Wade

Dear Leaders,

Welcome back! My guess is that you all have realized that Phase II is much different than Phase I. But can you also see how important Phase I is to the conversations we are now having? How can you do any action without knowing why it matters to our community? Phase II is very exciting with several guest speakers, a trip to the Capitol and the completion of your Civic Project. TRUST ME: Phase II goes by fast!

This week is a WORKING DINNER. We will start at 5:00pm and the dinner is specifically for you to work on your Civic Project Report rough draft which is due Week 13! Keep in mind this is a *rough* draft and not meant to be a final version. HOWEVER, the Final Report is required for graduation so use this working dinner to ask questions and seek guidance.

In Session 12, we will discuss Social and Economic Trends Affecting Children and Families in the adult room and Understanding Citizenship and Government in the youth room.

Adult objectives of Session 12:

  • Engage in critical analysis of social, economic, and demographic trends affecting families.
  • Learn to look at problems as a whole and break them into component parts in order to understand trends and how public policy is developed in response.
  • Identify resources that track data related to the overall health of children.

Youth objectives of Session 12:

  • Develop a personally relevant definition of citizenship.
  • Develop an understanding of how youth are and can be good citizens.
  • Understand how to develop an action plan for civic projects.

Important Information:

  • This week is our final working dinner beginning promptly at 5:00pm. Use this time to work on your Civic Project Report rough draft and ask questions of facilitators.
  • ADULT HOMEWORK – Look for, and bring in, articles and examples of family life and family policy in newspapers and in the media.


  • Project Rough Draft is due Week 13 (April 9). Project Report template attached.
  • Additionally, you will be asked in a few weeks to provide your Project Title with a 3-sentence description of your project. Review the 2018 Civic Project Report for inspiration.
  • Day at the Capitol is Monday, April 15. Attached is a letter for you to edit and submit to your employer/school if needed.


“You cannot be a powerful leader if you are not fully grounded in your own personal power.”
-Molly Hayward