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FLTI Week 10   arrow

FLTI Week 10

4390 S Lowell Blvd # A, Englewood, CO 80110
8:30AM – 12:30PM
Please sign up for the potluck here.


1. Introduction

“Hi, my name is Taylor McKinney and I am a family leader. I am passionate about my community and building strong family leaders.”

2. The WHY Why is this important to you? Where does your passion come from?

“When I was in high school I felt like I needed to be an adult to make a difference in my community. It didn’t seem that my voice was heard or that I had credibility…”

3. The WHAT What is your project? What will you do?

“I know now that young people all over the world can make a difference and should use their voices. So, my project is to create a youth FLTI cohort in Sheridan in 2019…”

4. So what? Include a data point/statistic or explain why it should matter to others

“In Sheridan schools, there are currently zero public speaking groups or youth leadership opportunities for our high school youth.”

5. Now what? How will you go about making it happen?

“To develop this youth FLTI cohort, I will meet with community leaders, youth and educators to discuss the need for youth leadership in the community. I will also need to raise funds to support the program and recruit 15 youth participants.”

6. The ASK 

“To offer this leadership opportunity to our Sheridan youth, we must raise $50,000. Will you help us raise this money by inviting one person you know, who cares about youth leadership, to our fundraising event on…?”

7. Conclusion 

“Youth do not need to wait to be adults in order to be leaders. I look forward to each of you, and a friend, joining us in our effort to give our youth opportunities to become the leaders we know are.”

  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Have a friend be your audience, ask for feedback, time yourself, record it, meet up with another participant to practice both of your speeches.
  • Know your audience – Who are you speaking to? Will you be speaking to our cohort? Or maybe you want to pretend we are the City Council or School Board?
  • Breathe deeply. This is our first time to give speeches to the group – of course it’s intimidating! And that’s ok! We have spent 8 weeks building a safe place for each of us to try something new, be open to feedback, and support each other as we learn. It may be helpful to practice in front of a group so you can prepare your mind for real thing. We will give our speeches a second time at Week 20 and trust me, you will see the difference!