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FLTI in the News

Youth Leaders Advocate Raising the Age for Tobacco Purchases to 21

Since their participation in FLTI, Lilly and Gerry (Eagle County) have worked tirelessly to change local and state legislation surrounding the minimum age to purchase items containing nicotine. On February 1st, they both testified at the State House regarding their support for Rep. Kerry Tipper’s (District 28) HB 19-1033.

Family Leaders of Jefferson County Collaborate with Colorado Trust

Georgina and Susan (Jefferson County) recently contributed to an article by The Colorado Trust titled, “How Your Street Address Influences Your Future.” In the article Chavez-Vasquez and Brugman’s personal accounts supplement research from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and data compiled from the CDPHE Community Health Equity Map.

Civic Project Comes to Life in Larimer County

Gail’s civic project for her FLTI class resulted in the creation of Grand Family Coalition, a network of kinship guardians designed to support these unique families in navigating the complexities of the legal, child welfare, education, and other systems. For her continued work in this area, the Colorado Nonprofit Association recently named her a recipient of the William Funk Award for Building Stronger Communities, sponsored by the Boettcher Foundation.

Colorado AG’s Office and CSU Extension Partner to Increase Civic Engagement

This partnership with FLTI of Colorado furthers the mission of the Office of Community Engagement in the Attorney General’s Office by promoting the value of civic engagement and its importance to a healthy state and local government for Colorado residents. The FLTI curriculum used around the state is one of the most effective platforms supporting the Attorney General’s Office work to inspire individual and collective actions that prevent fraud, crime, and abuse of community members.

Community Spotlight: FLTI of Prowers County

While creating a mural that expressed their vision for their community, youth leaders in Lamar drew attention to a community need. The HOPE Center, a youth center that provides academic supports and prevention and intervention programming, had a barren field that was not an ideal playspace for the children and youth spending time there. On the mural, one youth wrote that they’d like to see, “Grass for the HOPE Center.”

FLTI of Summit County Facilitator to Release Children’s Book

Claudine Norden, FLTI of Colorado trainer and Phase I facilitator at FLTI of Summit County, says she is an “outie” mom raising an “innie” child – and she’s not talking belly buttons. Claudine explains that as an extroverted person, she uses social energy and was “stretched beyond her comfort zone” when she considered how she parents her daughter Maddie, who as an introvert conserves social energy. She learned more about the differences between what “fills up” extroverted (outies) and introverted (innies) people, and discovered that there were no children’s books that empowered quiet children to be themselves in our noisy world. And just like that, a new community project was born. Claudine was inspired to write a children’s book to empower and advocate for quiet kids!

Eagle County’s Extension Crew Nets Prestigious State, National Awards

Colorado State University Extension, Eagle County has two very extraordinary leaders on their team, one of whom coordinates FLTI of Eagle County along with everything else she oversees as Eagle County Extension Director! Congratulations Glenda and Jenny!

FLTI of Colorado Selected by the Colorado Department of Education as a “Promising Partnership Practice” in 2017

Every year the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) selects schools, school districts (and occasionally community partners) who are doing outstanding partnership work across the State of Colorado to impact student success and school and district community building. In 2017 FLTI of Colorado has been selected by CDE as a “promising practice” for School Districts to explore as a means for creating change in our schools and helping students and families be successful. Please check out the Promising Partnership Practices 2017 Book to take a look at FLTI of Colorado’s Honored Highlight as well as to read about other partnerships happening in your communities. This is a great way to explore new ways to partner with schools and districts in your community or to make new connections with people and programs committed to family engagement.