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FLTI Week 6   arrow

FLTI Week 6

“To make any kind of progress, we need to imagine a different reality and believe it’s possible.”
-Tali Sharot

 Dear Leaders,                   (I apologize for the late email!)

Did any of you expect to want class to be longer than four hours when you first applied to FLTI? There is just never enough time for all the conversations and activities, and yet what would be left to do after graduation? 🙂

As I reflect on the quote above, I am in awe imagining what our community will look like with all of your projects in place. It’s amazing to consider the impact each of your projects will have on our community, schools, families and children. As you continue to work on your project, I encourage you to keep in mind the following: 1) Does my project address a community problem or fill a need? 2) How will my project strengthen families in the community? 3) Who in the community needs to be a part of my project? Remember: the facilitators, participants and I are a resource! What makes this leadership training so powerful is that you are not in this work alone – utilize the knowledge and connections that are in the room! Use the dinner hour for networking and asking questions. By the way, great job with your one-minute descriptions! These ‘speeches’ are an integral part of your project and community work, and we will continue to work on them.

Finally, I would like to apologize. Last week I was made aware at the last minute that Patti Schmitt (from CSU Extension FLTI State Team) would be visiting our site and I completely neglected to inform the group of her presence. As Debi and Patricia mentioned when Eileen Forlenza visited us, our site is a safe and sacred space, which is why we ask visitors to leave after dinner. Although Eileen has a “lifetime pass” and the CSUE FLTI team provides technical assistance across the state, it was my mistake to not inform the class of Patti’s presence and therefore potentially disrupt our group process. I am aware that this mistake may have kept some of you from sharing or may have created distrust, and for this I am truly sorry. Please know that I value our class deeply and desire to protect our process and work together. If you have questions or would like to discuss this further please call, email or pull me aside on Tuesday.


In Session 6, we will discuss Learning How a Community Works.

Objectives of Session 6:

  • Understand what community is.
  • Know why it is important to look at both community assets and needs.
  • See particular leadership skills as assets.
  • Learn about the resilience of some children and families in the toughest of communities.

Important Information:

  • Please turn in your Community Project Form on Tuesday if you have not done so already. Submitting this form early on is critical to ensuring that the FLTI staff have time to provide you feedback and can begin connecting you to community resources.
  • Please read the attached article for homework and be prepared to discuss this in class!
  • Don’t forget to send your Gratitude Postcards to a person who has encouraged your leadership or brought you to FLTI – we will share these stories on Tuesday. If you would like more cards or need assistance with postage please let me know.
  • Dinner will be beef brisket, Carolina pork, and chicken breast with sides of baked beans, potato salad and tossed salad thanks to Tri-County Health and Communities That Care!
    • Peter Cajina-Crosier and Dani Searle from TCH and CTC will be our dinner guests presenting their public health work in Sheridan and with youth.


  • If you are going to miss class, arrive late or leave early PLEASE COMMUNICATE. Not being present for the entire class can be disruptive to the group process.
  • Please bring your own coffee mug and/or water bottle to class.
  • Please bring a pillow, blanket and pajamas for your child.
  • Join our cohort Facebook group and like our general Facebook page.


“In order to heal we must be willing to unravel, unpack, and unlearn.”
-Alex Elle