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Volunteer Spotlight: Debbie Moody

Congratulations to Master Gardener Volunteer Debbie Moody for being chosen Arapahoe County Extension’s 2020 Volunteer of the Year! Debbie received the honor because of her dedication to the Master Gardener program, her leadership and her commitment to the education of both the public and her fellow volunteers, thereby fulfilling the mission and vision of the Master Gardener program.

Debbie was born in Kansas and moved to Colorado as a young girl. She was involved in 4H as a student  and had an interest in becoming a Master Gardener for years before she was able to sign up for training. She has served Arapahoe County since joining the program in 2002. Her favorite activity has been teaching both her fellow Master Gardeners and the public. The diagnostics process, which involves correctly identifying plants, insects and diseases is among her most enjoyable activities.

In addition, she has been involved in the Hudson Gardens Demonstration Garden which donates all harvested produce to a local food bank. She has found that educating visitors to the garden, teaching classes and growing food for the hungry have been fulfilling activities.

Another area of interest for Debbie has been working with patients through the horticultural therapy program at Craig Hospital. Through this program, rehabilitation patients at Craig who have sustained brain or spinal cord injuries are able to learn techniques for adaptive gardening as a means of healing, thereby gaining enjoyment and self esteem from the activity of caring for plants.

Summarizing Debbie’s overall favorite aspect of the Master Gardener program, it would be the lifelong learning that is associated with teaching others. As she says, “There is always more to learn.”

Debbie would like the public to know that Master Gardeners are on duty to answer any horticultural questions.* It is the mission of the Master Gardener program to help people learn about and enjoy gardening. She also wants everyone to know that it is possible to garden almost anywhere, and that the Arapahoe County office has a wealth of educational information available to the public.

Congratulations, Debbie, on your 18 years of service to your fellow Master Gardeners and the citizens of Arapahoe County.

*Please note: The Extension office is open by appointment only.

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