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2017 Citizen Washington Focus (CWF) Trip

4honline Application Process

Only active members (15 years and older) are eligible to register for CWF using the following steps:

1) Log into member’s 4honline family account
2) Under “Member List” are, scroll down and locate, “Register A Member In An Event”
3) Select member name from drop down menu
4) Select Event “2017 CWF Application Process”
5) Register for event
6) Submit registration when items specified below are complete

Applicant must complete the following on 4honline: 

• application form (Legal Name, Current Email and Cell Phone and complete responses to statements)
• acceptance form (see statement below)
• electronic signatures required from member and parent/guardian
• upload one 2″ x 3″ head/shoulders photo

Please respond to the questions below for review by the selection committee.

1) Describe your major accomplishments in the 4-H program.
2) Describe, in reasonable detail, what you did in four of your most recent leadership and citizenship activities and what responsibility you had for the total success of these activities.
3) Describe what you did in four of your most recent public appearances or presentations where you were reporting or teaching information to others.
4) Describe what ideas you have for providing a citizenship program (not a simple travel log) to others within a year upon returning home. How much time would you have to devote to this?

Acceptance Form Statement
I agree to attend and fully participate in Citizenship Washington Focus at the National 4-H Center June 24-July 1, 2017.

Rules of the National 4-H Center and the Colorado 4-H Program will be strictly adhered to. Any property damage is the responsibility of the delegate(s) involved. Participation assumes acceptance of these and other stated rules for Citizenship Washington Focus. I understand my failure to abide by these rules will result in my being sent home at my parent/guardian’s expense.

I will notify my county/area Extension office and the Colorado State 4-H Office immediately should there be any reason for me not to attend this educational trip. I will be fiscally responsible to the Colorado 4-H Foundation for any expenses incurred.

I will cooperate fully and be willing to share my experiences with others upon my return home, including working with the 4-H Foundation when called upon to do so to promote funding for future 4-H Citizenship programs.

Parent/Guardian: I/we understand that a limited health and accident insurance policy is provided for the delegates. I/we accept any and all other responsibility for my/our daughter’s/son’s participation in this program. I/we give permission for the Colorado 4-H Foundation, and cooperating sponsors to use any pictures of her/him and/or appropriate editorial information for promotion purposes. Since the delegation will travel by plane, I/we give permission for her/him to fly.